Workshop Equipments

Column & Boom

Motion Weld Engineering manufactures column and boom manipulators with weld boom stiffness and welding head stability, operator controls, and ease of use as key driving factors. Automatic welding heads (typically submerged arc) are designed to be mounted on a stiff and nearly vibration less boom, and moved to desired height with powered column. The welding head can then be positioned as required for automated welding of large vessels or other work pieces.

Welding Positioner

Motion Weld Engineering designs and manufactures custom pipe welding positioners and welding rotating tables that suit a variety of pipe handling applications. All our welding positioners are built with powered variable-speed rotation in either direction and can be controlled remotely using various hand or foot switch options.


Rotary turntables are used for precise positioning in the flat or horizontal position. High-precision, cost effective method of rotating a workpiece around a vertical axis.

Welding turntables, or welding rotating tables, provide a high-precision, low-cost method of rotating a pipe, vessel or industrial work piece around a vertical axis.

Our categories:

- Low Profile Welding Turntables

- High Speed Turntables for Lapping , Thermal / HVOF spray , Laser cladding

- High Precision Turntables for Robotic or Indexing application

Head & TailStock

Motion Weld Engineering head & tail stocks are designed to provide full rotational access along the horizontal axis for positioning long heavy weldments with large offsets. Our head stocks are also used independently as a single axis positioner for rotating long cylindrical weldments such as pipe fabrication or small pressure vessel manufacture. Head and tail stocks are available both in manual and power elevating options—the latter, are fully synchronized via PLC controls for maintaining a precise, constant centerline. Head and tail and stocks can also be rail mounted to accommodate varying part lengths.

Turning Rolls

Motion Weld Engineering designs and manufactures an industry leading line of turning rolls which deliver precise rotation of cylindrical weldments for positioning in heavy manufacturing. These results in improved throughput, safety, low maintenance and extended service life. Our extensive selection of turning roll styles and capacities, are designed for specific applications including, pipe spooling, vessel fabrication, tank car and tank manufacturing.

Our experienced engineering team will evaluate specific material properties, load capacity and manufacturing process and recommend the positioning solution that is right for your application. While our turning rolls are most often used as standard products, we often custom-engineer and integrate them with welding solutions for unique applications that require modified functionality.

Electrode Oven

Ruggedly constructed, Motion Weld stick electrode storage and rebake welding ovens are available in a wide variety of capacities to suit the most rigorous shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) operations.  We offer the widest storage capacity range in the industry and can customize any unit upon request. 

Flux Oven

Ruggedly constructed, Motion Weld submerged arc flux storage and rebake ovens are available in a variety of capacities to suit the most rigorous subarc welding operations.  Our flux ovens have industry-leading heat up times due to our proprietary design, and can be found in a wide variety of industries across the world.

Robot Peripherals

Motion Weld Engineering also have full lineup of positioner and slider ( robot transport unit ) that are essential for welding. They are easy to work with and maintain , while sharing the same accuracy as robots.  Synchro-motion or PLC control operation with a robot is also enabled.

Jigs & Fixture

Motion Weld Engineering design a comprehensive array of Welding Fixtures Manufacturers, Welding Jigs and Welding Fixtures which is developed from durable & quality metals. Our Jigs and Fixtures are bound to last long and offer best performance. We can also customize our products according to the specific requirement of clients and provide them at reasonable prices.

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