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Cross Slide

Motion Weld Engineering offers international brand welding power source at competitive price as a standalone manual machine or it can be integrated to our standard or customize system as a package. We can also maintain and calibrate the welding machine to industrial standard.


Motion Weld Engineering slides allow mechanical adjustment of the welding torch when mounted on a mechanized welding solution, delivering controlled movement of the torch head in the X and Y axes. Designed with a solid cover plate to prevent contaminants, improve maintenance, and withstand the harsh elements of heavy manufacturing, our slides are offered in manual/powered motion, multiple stroke lengths, and different weight capacities for specific applications. We offer standard adapter plates for all major weld equipment manufacturers.

3 Jaw Chuck

Built to withstand the robust conditions of the welding industry, our 3 jaw self-centering welding chucks are specifically designed to secure heavy cylindrical weldments—they are proven every day in some of the largest mod yards and pipe spool fabricating facilities.

Fume Extractor and Hose

Motion Weld Fume Extractor is special design for extract the fume and dust directly at source. The polluted air is filtered and captured in an filter. The unit is equipped with a flexible suction hose and connect with a suction nozzle. Four caster wheels allow the unit easy to move to welding work site.

  •  Flexible Arm; enable to extend  / retract and 360 degree swing.

  •  Large Cylinder type filter, long lasting life.

  •  Active carbon filter ( optional )

  •  Low maintenance cost.

  •  Compact design with caster wheels

  •  Low power energy saving

  •  Low noise design

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